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1. Soaking method. Soak the two kinds of toilet paper in two bowls with clear water, and the toilet paper will be soaked immediately. It will rot with a gentle touch of your finger. If the paper becomes "mud" directly, it will be a bad toilet paper. Qualified toilet paper is slowly soaked, stirring by hand will not rot, and it is still intact after being picked up by hand.
2. Tearing method. A slight pull will tear, and the cracks are very furry, not neat enough, the desktop also dropped a layer of white ash, that is, unqualified toilet paper. Qualified toilet paper has strong toughness. When it is pulled and released, there are stretched lines on the paper surface. After tearing, the cracks are very neat, and the desktop is not white ash.
There is also a trick when tearing, if it is made of pure wood pulp toilet paper, when you tear it horizontally and vertically again, the tear opening before and after comparison will be different, the difference is obvious; and poor toilet paper, the tear opening is the same horizontally and vertically.
3. Combustion method. Burn toilet paper. After ignition, the qualified napkins are still relatively complete when burning, but the unqualified napkins fly up from time to time. After burning, the color of qualified napkins is black, such as charcoal burned out, and the ash is a complete net, but the bulk napkins are gray-white, scattered together, without a transparent network feeling


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